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Syria: Modern Syria is situated in Asia along the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Syria is an Arab Middle Eastern County that has a total area of 185,180 sq. km and 17.000.000 inhabitants (2000). Syria has a coastline of 180 km to the Mediterranean Sea and shares borders with, Lebanon to the West, Turkey to the North, Iraq to the East, and Jordan to the South. Syria, also shares borders with Palestine and Israel to the south west. This border is the main conflict of dispute between Syria and Israel. This area is known as the Golan Heights.

The most important cities in Syria are: Damascus, the capital of Syria and the major city. Aleppo, the second major city. Homs, the third important city. Latakia, the major city in Syrian Mediterranean coast. Hama, the famous city of waterwheels (Norias). Palmyra, the city of Zanobia. Its also importants the cities of Idlib, Tartus, Suwayda, Deir ez-Zor and Al Kamishly. Other interesting places are: Bosra, Maalula, Ugarit, Krak Des Chevaliers, Mari and Ebla.

Homs or Hims is an ancient city dating back to the year 2300 B.C and was known in Roman times as Emesa. Emesa's fortunes were always tied with the trade city of Palmyra. Homs was the third station on the "Silk Road" after Doura Europos and Palmyra.
Christianity was established in Emesa early on, as 3rd to 7th century and it was taken in 636 by the Muslims, who renamed it Homs.
Now Homs has an important historical building like: Khaled Ibn Al-Walid Mosque, Al Nouri Mosque (or Great Mosque), Um Zunnar Church and Mar Elian Church.
has a very beatiful Restaurants on Orontes river-side like, Dik al Jen, Abbara, Al Ahram, Marsella, Miranda, Abu Samra, Al Dawwar, Kardinia and al Tannur.

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