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Daraa or Dera, is a city located 100 km south of Damascus in southwestern Syria, near the border with Jordan. It is the capital of Daraa Governorate. It is considered to be one of the most ancient cities in Syria which is still attached to the traditional folklore.

The city of Daraa is an ancient city dating back to the Canaanites. It was mentioned in Egyptian Hieroglyphic tablets at the time of the Pharaoh Thutmos III between 1490 and 1436 BC. It was known in those days as the city of Atharaa, and was later mentioned in the Old Testament as Idraai.

Located in the city itself there are a few ruins like the caves and ancient dwellings, the Roman Amphitheater, and the old Oumari mosque which is of some architectural significance, dating back to the Umayyad and Ayyubid eras. The the main point of interest near Daraa is the magnificent amphitheater at Bosra.




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