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Zabadani or Az Zabadani is a city located about 40km from Damascus in southwestern Syria in the Rif Dimashq (damascus) Governorate, close to the border with Lebanon. It is located in the center of a green valley surrounded by high mountains at an elevation of around 1,100 m.

Compared to Damascus, the weather in Zabadani tends to be milder in the summer — about 5𔃆 degrees less, but from December to the end of February it is colder with a lot of snow, and the temperature drops to -10 degrees. The mild weather along with the scenic views, made the town a popular resort both for tourists and for visitors from other Syrian cities, especially from nearby Damascus and for tens of thousands of visitors from the Arabian peninsula. A more elevated region than Zabadani is its neighbour, Bloudan, also a resort for thousands of tourists. Bloudan is about 1,500 metres above sealevel.

Zabadani is predominantly Sunni with a substantial percentage of Christians. Christians have their own church and monastery. Zabadani is rapidly growing and is well connected to Damascus.



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