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  Yabruod or Yabrud is located in the Rif Dimashq governorate about 80km north of the capital Damascus and about 80km south of Homs, its very near (11km) to An Nabek city. The city is known for its ancient caves, most notably the Iskafta cave, and the Yabrud temple, which was once a pagan temple but later became a cathedral. The name Yabrud is said to have originated from an Aramean word meaning "cold"; the city rests upon the Qalamoun mountains at a height of 1,550m.

This small beautiful village has evidence that man had settled here tens of thousands years ago. The Cathedral of Constantine and Helen, a Greek Catholic church, is built out of many of the blocks that came from an old temple dedicated to Jupiter known to the locals as Jupiter Yabroudis. This church contains an interesting collection of icons, and the cases of some Roman columns can also be found.


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