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Syrian Governorate Location:
Al Hasakah    Al Qunaytirah    Aleppo    Ar Raqqah    As Suwayda    Damascus    Daraa    Dayr az Zawr    Hama    Homs    Idlib    Latakia    Rif Damascus    Tartus

Aleppo Governorate Cities, Towns and Villages Map Location (more than 4937, pag 42 of 50)
Sulan Sulaybiyah Sulaymah Sunaym
Sunbul Suran Suran Surayb
Surayhur Suraysat Surayusat Suruj
Susan Susanbat Susiyan Suwayyan
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Ta`anah Ta`anih Taane
Tabaarate el Madi Tabah Kuy Tabah Wiran Tabajiq
Tabbarat al Hamra' Tabbarat al Madi Tabbarat Kalash Tabbarat Madi
Tabbaret al Hachir Tabbaret el Hachir Tabbaret el Hamra Tabbaret el Madi
Tabbaret Kalach Tabbaret Kalack Tabcho Tach Atane
Tach Atane Tach Qapou Tache Kapou Tachli Heuyuk
Tachli Huyuk Tachli Huyuk Faouqani Tachli Huyuk Tahtani Tadef
Tader Tadif Tadil Tafcho
Tafriyah as Sughra Tafriyat al Kabirah Tafriyat as Saghirah Tafriye Sghire
Tafriyet el Kebire Tafriyet es Serhire Tafriyet Sarhire Tafshu
Taftiyah Tah Tahtani Tahtik Fawqani
Tahtik Tahtani Taibe Taibe Taiha
Ta'ihah Taiyar Hamade Takad Talafeh
Talatinah Taliha Tall `Abir Tall `Abur
Tall `A'ishah Tall `Ajar Tall `Alam Tall `Ali
Tall `Allush Tall `Anbar Tall `Ar Tall `Aran
Tall `Arish Tall `Ash Tall `Assan Tall `Atiyah
Tall `Ayshah Tall `Unayb Tall Abu Jadhah Tall Abu Susah
Tall ad Daman Tall adh Dhubban Tall Ahmar Tall Ahmar
Tall al Aghbar Tall al Aghbar Fawqani Tall al Ahmar Tall al Ahmar
Tall al Ahmar Tall al Akhdar Tall al Aswad Tall al Banat
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Syrian Governorate division map:
Syria Governorates map



Main References: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency


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