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 The nest of the emigrant birds in the heart of the mother-land

- The League is a people's sector which seeks to bind the emigrants to their country, and which considers the countries of the emigrants overseas a stretch of the mother land.
- Its aim is to attain the hearts of the emigrants and to gain fruit of their intellectual
capacities and radiation.
- It was founded round the beginning of the seventies, on the demand of both the
emigrants and residents of Homs, the mother of emigration.
- It was granted a License by the Ministry of Social Affairs in 1973.
- Its members an educated elite of Homs count 72 persons divided into 5

- Its activities are all the endeavors made with the aim of binding the scattered boughs
of the emigrants to the roots in the motherland. Such activities are:

1- A permanent page in the weekly periodical Homs, where the aims of the league are
best uttered.
2- Arranging for meeting with the emigrants to strengthen the relations between them
and their people at home.
3- Arranging trips and voyages outside Syria and unside it .
4- Attending Emigrants conferences inside and outside Syria.
5- Spreading Arabic language and reviving the Arabic heritage in the countries overseas.
6- Representing Syria in Welcoming the returning emigrants, and arranging for meetings with them , and for trips to introduce to them the civilization and the achievements of the country both present and past.
7- In brief, the league presents the home land to the emigrants as a precious book of old love, to have its immortal hymns chanted and its glowing pages turned over, with all the glory to fill the soul with pride and the heart with love.

- The maxim of the League is the swallow which, during the most painful rituals of emigration, draws with its beak the map of return.

- The secret of the League is the secret of the tree which recognizes no individual merits for its separate elements, but recognizes only the pluse of the tree as a whole, which is the greatest secret of (generosity).

- The sweetest fruit of the League is the (FEARAB) (The Federation of Arab institutes in America) which is the radiating pole overseas, and the bridge by which the relations between Homs and the emigrants cross, and over which the mother country passes overseas honored and glorified.



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