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  Homs, Orontes RiverThe Homs State (Province) is the largest one of Syrian states, it is extended between Lebanon and Tartus at the west, Iraq and Jordan and Deir ez Zor at west, Hama at the North and Damascus at the south.

Homs State contain a lot of very historical places, Like the ancient city of Palmyra (Tudmor) or the Krak Des Chevaliers (Qalaat al-Hosn), the most important castle of the middle ages. Other places of interest around Homs, include al Rastan, Meshta al Helu (Resort Town), Der Mar Jourjous (Monastery of St. George), Wadi al Nasara (collection of Christian villages surrounding Qalaat al-Hosn), Al Mishrifeh, Lake of Qattina, Qaser Al Hir Al Gharbi & Al Sharki

Qatna, modernly known as Al Mishrifeh, is an ancient city in Syria, present day Tell-el-Mishrifeh in the Wadi il-Aswad, a tributary of the Orontes river, 18 km northeast of Homs. The tell occupies 1 km², which makes it one of the biggest bronze Age towns in central Syria.

The first finds in Qatna date to the third dynasty of Ur. The find of an Egyptian sphinx belonging to Princess Ita, daughter of Amenemhat II (1875 - 1840 BC, 12th dynasty) shows early Egyptian influence, although it is not clear at what time the sphinx got to Qatna (the sphinx was found within the debris of the Late Bronze Age palace).

Qasr al-Hir al-Gharbi: 45 kilometres south-west of Tudmor (Palmyra), built by the Caliph Hisham ibn Abdul Malik in the 8th century, this pails square and surrounded by a huge wall, at each corner of which there is a round tower. At each side of the main gate there are two half-rounded towers. It has a courtyard with columns with Corinthian crowns.

Qasr al-Hir al-Sharqi: The Caliph Hisham built this palace 110 kilometres northeast of Palmyra, in 628. It contains a palace-residence for the caliph and for the garrisons. There is a small mosque built in the style of the Omayyad mosque in Damascus, there is a Beth with hot, warm and cold running water. This is the oldest Omayyad bath. The palace is surrounded by a wide garden. Rasafeh (also known as Resapha or Sergiopolis) is about 150km further north across open desert. This was the site of martyrdom of the Roman soldier St Sergius (one of the many saints who achieved their martyrdom during the reign of Diocletian).




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