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  The most important historical sites of Homs city are:

Great Mosque of Al Nuri (called Al Jame Al Kabeer)Khaled Ben Al Walid Mosque
This mosque dates back to the twelfth century is and said to stand on the site of the Temple of Baal, and a later Church of St. John. The columns used in this mosque are of the oldest objects in this city.

Mosque of Khaled Ibn Al-Walid
The Ottoman style mosque was built directly before the First World War and holds the tomb of the great Muslim leader Khaled Ibn Al Walid who lived in Homs for the last seven years of his life.This building is distinguished by its metal dome which reflects sunshine. It is also famous for its two high minarets and narrow galleries built with black and white stones in a horizontal manner.The slender colonnade in black and white stone in horizontal rows is representative of traditional Syrian architecture.

Church of Umm Al Zunnar (the Virgin's Girdle)
In 1953 a textile belt was found here under the altar, it is said to have belonged to the Virgin Mary. The current building only dates back to the 19th century but a 4th Century Church used to be on this site and it is believed that the textile belt was placed here.

Church of St. Elias (Mar Elian)Mar Elian New Convent
In 1970 a collection of fine murals and mosaic were discovered in the crypt beneath a coat of plaster. This church dates back to the 6th Century AD and was built in dedication to the son of a Roman officer who was martyred in the 3rd century for refusing to renounce Christianity. also contains Arab and Greek scripts dating back to the twelfth century AD and even as far back as the sixth century.

The Citadel
Little remains of this citadel, which was destroyed in the 1830s by Ibrahim Pasha. It is located in the southwestern part of the city, on a natural mound surrounded by a moat. The mound is now off-limits. This citadel played an important role in the history of Homs especially under the Nourite, Ayyubite, and Mameluke states

Souk of Homs (Souk al maskuf)
The souk of Homs are located in the ancient part of the city and occupy a large area. Most parts of the souk were constructed during the Ayyubite, Mameluke, and Ottoman periods. There are a few baths also dating back to these periods including the Small Hammam, Al Assayati Hammam and the Ottoman Hammam.



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